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We, at Paladin Insurance Advocates, understand that when you should file an insurance claim it is due to an unfortunate event that had affected your family. Whether it is a fire, storm damage, a flooded basement, or theft we are here to help you recover. No one ever expects a disaster to happen, but when it does you will need an adjuster to work for you.

United States Adjusters Claim Amounts

Chart Data Source: Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) analysis. Data refers to the median (50th percentile or typical) payment.

Insurance Adjusters will typically deliver larger payments to policyholders

Public Insurance Adjusters

Best value guarantee!

Insurance adjusters represent the homeowner or building owner and work directly with YOU, the policyholder. We work for you and negotiate everything on your behalf.

Carrier Adjusters

Hit or miss.

Insurance carrier adjusters work directly for your insurance provider, and are paid to protect the company. This makes them potentially biased toward the company that is paying them.

Independent Adjusters

Hit or miss.

An independent adjuster works as an individual entity that represents and is hired by the insurance company.

Public Insurance Adjuster in Indiana

Public adjusters are licensed by the Department of Insurance to provide assistance to the insured when processing and negotiating an insurance claim. A public adjuster is retained to handle the claims process on the behalf of the insured. If you try to present a claim on your own, you are at a disadvantage. Remember, insurance companies hire professionals to represent their interests.

The Insurance Claims Adjustment Process

If you have sustained fire, flood or other property damage to your home or business, the experienced adjusters at Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC are here to help. We will assist you throughout the insurance claims adjustment process, including:

  • CONTRACT REVIEW: The most critical element when dealing with your insurance claim is the actual insurance policy. Our professionals will thoroughly review and analyze your insurance policy in order to make sure that all of your policy provisions are satisfied. In addition, filing deadlines and additional coverages will be reviewed to maximize your claim.
  • DOCUMENT DISCOVERY: The more thorough your claim is documented and prepared, the quicker we will be able to obtain a favorable settlement for you and your family. Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC will compile all necessary components in order to satisfy the conditions of your policy. Remember, it is up to you, the insured, to prove your loss to the insurance company. Without proper documentation, the insurance company may deny thousands of potential dollars your rightfully owed.
  • CLAIM PREPARATION: After an exhaustive document discovery process, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC, will prepare your claim for each aspect of the claims process required by the insurance company. We will ensure that your claim is well prepared in order to recover all of your entitlements afforded under your policy, typically encompassing building, personal property (contents), business interruption, loss of rents, additional living expenses, as well as code upgrades and possible other extensions of coverage. Some of these areas are generally overlooked, costing the insured thousands of dollars out of their pockets.
  • CLAIMS PROCESS: From the onset of our representation and throughout the entire claims process, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC will handle all correspondence, inquiries and requirements set forth by the insurance company. Not only will this ensure accuracy, but it will alleviate the burden and stress that typically comes with the claims process. Leave this stress to the professionals.
  • CLAIM PRESENTATION: After we have established the value of your losses, we will then begin the negotiation process with the insurance company, which includes on-site evaluations as well as encompassing third-party opinions on your loss. Throughout this process, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC’s representatives will keep you informed as to the status of your claim, ensuring that your expectations will be met. Keep in mind that you are the client and that a settlement will not be accepted without your approval.
  • ADDITIONAL CLAIM SERVICES OFFERED: Our services extend to the following areas of adjustment and construction: Fire, wind, water, smoke, hail, explosion, looting, theft, and vandalism. Remember, as a policyholder, you are entitled to have your own licensed public adjuster as your advocate. Whenever an unfortunate event strikes that renders a loss to your property and / or contents, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC can help.

Are you dealing with an insurance claim?

Insurance claim advocates work on your behalf to make certain you get the biggest return from your insurance company. Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed and do not work for the insurance companies. This is one reason we do not sell insurance. We are your advocate and we only get paid if we negotiate you a positive return from your insurance company.

Fire damage insurance claims
Fire Damage Insurance Claims
Water damage insurance claims
Water Damage Insurance Claims
Here to help after natural disasters
Storm Damage Insurance Claims
Paladin Insurance Advocates negotiates the best deal on your behalf
Negotiate Insurance Claims
Prepare before disaster strikes
Prepare before disaster strikes
Evaluate your insurance claim options
Evaluate your insurance claim options

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Paladin Insurance Advocates, Inc. is a premier Indiana public claims adjusting firm. We are the company that homeowners, business owners, condo associations, and real-estate management companies call when disaster strikes.

As an Indiana Certified Public Insurance Adjuster we are here for you, the owner, to make certain you receive everything you are entitled to.


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Customer Testimonials

Fire and Water Damage

Fire Damage

As artists, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the challenge of our disaster. Not only were we the victims of an arsonist and our large garage destroyed, but we lost a major part of our life's work, our paintings. Paladin saved the day! They helped us to complete the inventory and to navigate the relationship with our insurance to finally achieve the best possible outcome. We are so grateful that we had their assistance! We could not have done it alone.


Carole Stodder and Tom Brand

March 29, 2018 - Fire Damage

In February, 2017, we had a huge barn fire. It burnt to the ground and we lost everything; cars, 50 yrs. of collection of tools, lawn mower, ATV, the list goes on & on.
We were introducted to Shawn Blank, who is the owner of Paladin Insurance Advocates. I was skeptical at first, but after having Shawn talk about what his company does, I felt we should hire him.
Shawn fought very hard with the Insurance Company, it was a long hard road. The inventory was the worst part of all trying to remember how many hammers, screw drives, etc. you had… very overwhelming. But his staff was there to help us through, answer all questions, many phone calls, many visits.
I would recommend very highly Shawn Blank to anyone who has a need to deal with Insurance Companies. He can get you what you paid into the insurance company that otherwise you would never get if you were to tackle it on your own.
So if like throws you a lemon, hire Shawn Blank, Paladin Insurance Advocates, he will make sure you get a healthy pitcher of lemonade!


Ralph & Susan Droz

Ralph and Susan Droz insurance claim
Fire and Water Damage

August 7, 2013 - Fire & Water Damage

We have both reviewed your file and feel that this payment will conclude your claim. It has been a pleasure working with you and Mr. Blank. If you have any future questions, please feel free to contact me.


T. Carson
Field Property Claims Specialist

May 12, 2014 - Fire & Water Damage Insurance Claim

We were contacted by Shawn at Paladin Insurance Advocates after having a fire at residential rental property. We were hesitant at first thinking this was a scam but are happy to report it isn't. We decided to use Shawn's services and he has been a pleasure to work with as well as his associates. By working with Paladin Insurance Advocates, it has allowed us to walk away with any extra $10,000 on our claim that we wouldn't have received on our own. We have been pleased with the work and professionalism provided by Shawn and his associates. We can honestly say it was the best decision we made hiring Shawn.


Chad & Annie Zartman
Landlords/Home Owner

Chad and Annie Zartman insurance claim
Jeremy & Sarah Mason fire insurance claim

June 30, 2015 Fire & Water Damage Insurance Claim

Thank you, Shawn, for all you've done in making our family tragedy as easy as possible. If we hear of anybody else your team can help with we will be sure to pass along your information. Thank you!


Jeremy & Sarah Mason
Home owner

June 1, 2013 - Mold Remediation after Storm Damage

Mold had formed in our home after storm damage and was affecting our son's health. We had made a claim with our insurance company and it was being ignored by them even though we had coverage for it in our policy. We hired Shawn after he explained what he did and he was able to get us four times what the insurance company had offered me and my home was repaired and our son's health restored. I honestly don't know where we would be if Shawn hadn't crossed our path. I never knew that something out there existed to help people make sure they are taken care of and not victims of corporate greed.


Vinnie & Jeannie Nowarita
Home Owners

Mold remediation insurance claim
Business and Personal insurance claims

Business and Personal Insurance Claims

I would highly recommend Shawn Blank and Paladin Insurance Advocates for any insurance adjustment needs. We have recently completed two projects with Shawn, one business and one personal, and are extremely satisfied with the results. He explained each aspect of the process and was with us every step along the way. He communicated very clear expectations and always delivered in a timely manner. Shawn was always looking out for our best interest and his performance completely backed that up. I would be more than happy to refer future clients and businesses to Shawn and Paladin.


J. Perkowski
Director of Finance/Santefort Real Estate Group

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