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What is a Certified Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Certified Public Insurance Adjuster that is licensed by the State is a highly-skilled, professional insurance expert with a vast knowledge of insurance policies, co-insurance, depreciation, building and personal property damage assessments, repair, and replacement costs and negotiation.

Who uses a Public Adjuster?

Certified Public Insurance Adjusters are utilized by individuals, businesses, and professionals.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Company Adjuster?

Insurance Company Adjusters work for the insurance company not for you, the policyholder. A Public Adjuster, like us at Paladin Insurance Advocates, is the only insurance adjuster that works exclusively for you and not the insurance companies. We have no conflict of interest when it comes to negotiating on your behalf with insurance companies.

Why Do I Need Help Filing My Insurance Claim?

A typical insurance policy contains many complex details and technical language regarding policy requirements and procedures that policyholders must follow in case of loss. This can be very confusing, and many do not realize that the burden of proof falls with them. Paladin Insurance Advocates are trained and well-versed in insurance policies and procedures. We know what is needed to properly file a claim in accordance with insurance policy requirements.

Do I have to pay up front?

No. We are not paid until the money is collected from the insurance company. In fact, we spend our own money and time documenting and resolving your claim before we are paid anything.

Am I assured a higher settlement if I use your services?

Almost always. The more thorough and complete the claim, the higher the settlement will be. We meticulously inspect the loss site and document the damages. On severe losses where all or most of the contents are destroyed by fire, stolen, or blown away, we will go over a variety of checklists with you to help recap, on a room by room basis, what was in the property at the time of the loss. Having a professional who is looking out for your best interests, and who understands the ins and outs of the policy in invaluable.

Will my loss be settled faster with the services of a Public Adjuster?

A Certified Public Insurance Adjuster knows exactly what to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. A great deal of time can be saved by having a Certified Public Insurance Adjuster handle your loss. Please know some claims may take longer than others, because it is more important to handle your claim right, than it is to rush and possibly cost your family thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Why can't my insurance agent handle my claim?

An insurance agent is well trained in determining your insurance needs and coverages, and writing insurance policies, but they are not well trained in detailing insurance losses. Insurance agents, generally, do not have the time, training, or facilities to render the highly specialized service of insurance adjusting. It should also be known that insurance companies do not allow insurance agents to handle adjustments of your claim.

What must be done after a property loss?

Time is of essence and decisions need to be made and action taken, for the following reasons: stabilize your property, rebuild, replace or relocate; to continue business and maintain clientele: to properly and effectively prepare your insurance claim and to document your loss all while dealing with the insurance company.

An insurance policy – defined

An insurance policy is a contract which has very technical language and complicated procedures which must be followed. The insurance policy must be carefully analyzed by an expert to ensure that no aspect of coverage is overlooked and that you, the Insured, will receive your maximum entitlements allowed under the policy.

Why is a Public Adjuster Needed?

Insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the Insurance Company. The Insurance companies offer to pay what is due as they see fit. That is like allowing an Internal Revenue Agent compute your income taxes. Public Adjusters are your exclusive representatives. As a claim expert looking out for your interests, you have a skilled professional fighting in your corner. As your Public Adjuster, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC will relieve you of the many time consuming and difficult matters involved in preparing and filing a claim as well as ensuring you of a proper settlement. Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC strongly urges client to not take the risk of possibly losing out on thousands of dollars you may be entitled to.

What qualifications should we look for in a Public Adjuster?

The Public Adjuster should be licensed and bonded. Also, you should ascertain if the Public Adjuster has prior professional credentials; is a member of any trade associations, and has numerous references that are available upon request. Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC is a licensed and bonded Public Adjusting firm licensed to represent clients in Illinois and other states. Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC associates are seasoned professionals having consulted and represented Insured clients in variety of loss situations. Furthermore, Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau, AMPIA, AAPIA, and the ICRC.

Types of losses that can be handled by a Public Adjuster

One of the many benefits Paladin Insurance Advocates, LLC has to offer, is that our organization can handle most complicated claim scenarios. Our veteran staff has handled a wide variety of claims, ranging from standard fire losses to devastating natural disasters.

Will the Insurance Company Adjuster object to us employing a Public Adjuster?

The policy of insurance is very complex and the coverage’s and policy provisions are often very difficult to understand such as co-insurance, actual cash value, business interruption, period of indemnifications, or improvements and betterments. There are many questions and problems as to how the policy provisions-can be applied in different circumstances. Many insurance companies’ representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced Public Adjuster rather than directly with the Insured. In cases where an Insurance Adjuster offers objections to hiring a Public Adjuster, or indicates that you really do not need your own representative, this should immediately alert you to the fact that they may be trying to avoid another professional inspecting their work. The insurance carrier has hired their adjuster to look out for their interest…. Why shouldn’t you?

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