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Indiana Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water Damage Restoration in and around Indiana

Water Damage Restoration in and around Indiana

Water damage comes from floods as well as following a fire. Storms can flood your house, causing water and mold damage. The same damage can come after a fire. Water is used to put out the flames, and the water that remains after the fire is put out can cause as much damage as the fire itself. Water seeps into walls, under flooring, into areas of your house that are unseen to the naked eye. This water damage could cause floors or ceilings to not be structurally sound, but can also breed mold creating a health hazard.

Having your home or business properly inspected to ensure it will be free of mold or other water damage is an imperative process in restoration. Having a quality restoration company evaluate your property will assist in the claim process. Paladin Insurance Advocates will work with your restoration company following a flood or fire to make sure that your home or business rebuilt, restored, and returned to a healthy place for your family or your business.

Indiana Water Damage Insurance Claim Experts

As experts in handling water damage insurance claims in Indiana, Paladin Insurance Advocates can provide you with the information, resources and support that you need during this difficult time. We handle the claims negotiation process, so you can focus on rebuilding your property and restoring your home or business.

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